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Welcome to My Nail Academy - Online Nail Tech Class. This platform is a leading platform for nail techs all over the world.
We have courses in nailart, babyboomer, the perfect nail and many more. If you want to go a online nail tech class this is the place for you. Check out the classes down below.

Online Nail Tech Class - Level up your skills

This is the place where your can skill up your nail skill online. We have several courses and you can even get a certificate here. If you are looking for online nail tech classes this is the place to be. You can take individual courses or you can enroll in the Celina Rydén Celina Rydén Certified Nail Artist program. Which is a 40 hour online course where you get certified. Read more about it below. And watch the trailer here.


What you will learn

The courses

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a advanced user. These online nail tech classes are for everyone. You don't have to be a nail tech to go a online class but you have to follow the regulations and rules that apply in your country. You will always get a diploma no matter what online nail tech class you take. But you only get a certificate if you go the Celina Rydén Certified Nail Artist program.

Take it to the next level

All these courses comes with online lessons, quizzes, lots of video tutorials a full course compendium and a schedule so you can do it in the pace that the online nail tech class was intended. Or in your own pace. It's up to you.
Online Nail Tech Class


You can use whatever material you are used to in these online classes. As long as they are professional material. You can also buy the correct equipment and material for these classes here. Read more about that in the online classes that you want to enroll in.

What people are saying about these courses
I think this was the best investment that I've done as a nail tech. This course made a tremendous change to my skills and knowledge.
Sini Orava - artistrybysini
A course all nail techs should take. To me, it feels like I previously thad a scooter license. Now I have got a real driver's license but the goal is to become a rally driver and there is now I've got a lot of training to do with all the knowledge Celina shared. A fantastic course. I have learned also much that I did not know and no one talked about.
Anonymous student
Sure, Celina makes lots of YouTube videos and you think you can learn everything through them. Oh, how wrong you are! This class gave me so much more education and techniques than I ever thought. If you get the chance to take this course then do it, you will not be disappointed! You will come back to the salon and be a MUCH better nail tech after this course.
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'' I think this is the best Online Nail Tech Class that I've done in my life This course made a tremendous change to my skills and knowledge. ''
- - Chriz